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Daily Drinkers Club

Two to three unique wines each month…value & quality.

$49 per shipment (plus applicable tax and shipping)

The Daily Drinkers Wine Club will not waver on quality.  Anyone can find an inexpensive bottle of wine…it’s not difficult.  However, Les Marchands Wine Merchant has the knowledge to provide club members with qualified producers making top caliber wines, which properly represent regions, varieties, and vintages...all with value in mind.

* The Daily Drinkers Wine Club will include two or three bottles and is $49 (plus applicable tax and shipping).

* Could be local Santa Barbara wines, could be from across the pond, could be southern hemisphere.

* Discrimination based on grape and region is nonexistent…Discrimination based on quality and drinkability is blatant and intentional.

* Wine descriptions included…tasting notes, food pairings, & producer highlights.

* Club payment applied monthly.

* Shipments commence on or around the 3rd Monday of each month.
* If you prefer to pickup your allocation we can accommodate that request.

* We recommend shipping to your office address for easy delivery Monday to Friday. FedEx, UPS, and GSO will not leave a wine shipment on your home doorstep.  By law, the package will require an adult signature.